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Pea Protein: health benefits

by Liza Simpson 03 Mar 2023
Pea Protein: health benefits

Nature’s Pantry Supplies uses a yellow pea protein isolate that has been carefully selected to ensure the best quality and taste with the smoothest mouth feel for a plant protein.

This powerhouse protein is non GMO, organic and perfect for vegans, vegetarians and for anyone that is lactose intolerant or simply wanting to avoid the complications of dairy proteins. Our pea protein is low carb, allergen free with no gluten or soy. Rich in iron it contains all 9 essential amino
acids which our body does not create itself and must be sourced from our diet. It also contains arginine which supports healthy blood flow and heart health.

Being a completed protein, our vegan friendly pea protein is great for pre and post workout. It contains branch chain amino acids which are great for supporting muscle growth and repair. Pea protein is perfect for weight control, is packed with soluble and insoluble fibre assisting in a healthy working digestive system and keeping inflammation at bay by creating a healthy gut microbiome.

These proteins are often used as meal replacements due to its satiating nature meaning you stay fuller for longer. They are great for filling up on with the benefits of healthy energy from food with minimising fats and sugar intake.

With added digestive enzymes, Nature's Pantry pea protein is great for controlling metabolisms, absorbs and digests easily into the body and is gentle on the stomach, is also perfect for controlling and tracking calories and macros to achieve all your health goals

To serve add 30g to 150 – 200ml in cold water or your preferred milk, shake well then drink.  You can also add our pea protein to a blender along with some seasonal fruits for a delicious meal replacement.

We offer a clean and natural pure, vanilla and chocolate variants here

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